Thursday, April 3, 2008

How I got started in Art Tape

Well, for those of you who know me, I'm a big art history nerd. My favorite class in college was 20th c. Art History IV, which basically covered from 1985 - 1999. But I was frustrated that this class ended in '99! So I set out to teach myself all that I could about contemporary art.

One artist I really liked was Linda Price-Sneddon. She has such a vibrant nature to her work, and uses so many different media in her installations and pieces! But as we amateur artists and educators know, it's hard to afford some of the new media that are so popular these days. How can you explain to your supervisors that you want to try metallurgy for your 7th graders?

That's why I was blown away when I saw that she was using Color Code Tape! It's cheap, easy to work with, has tons of colors, and it's something totally new and exciting to work with... PERFECT for crafting, part time art, and teachers who are on a budget (or over budget, as I often am!).

I've been working with tape for many months now, and continue to be amazed at the results. It's just so easy and fun, not to mention inexpensive!

I'll post some of my own pictures here in a little bit, as well as plans, ideas, and more! Until then, happy taping!

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